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Basic service fee - The basic service enables the user to upload data files (in Excel, .CSV, or .txt) to create Form 1095-C in PDF. Form 1095-C can be printed on plain paper for distribution to employees. The user can also edit, add or delete form 1095-C online as needed. Before the filing deadline, the user can submit the data to our system to e-file form 1095-C and 1094-C to the IRS.

The cost of using 1095 Manager services is based on the number of forms in each company in the user account. There is a minimum cost of $250 for preparing 1095-C's. Please contact us for multi-company discounts or bulk quantity discounts. An invoice will be issued after the forms are created or after the forms have been e-filed.

Number of Form 1095 Cost/Form
51-100 $5.00
101-200 $3.00
>201 $2.00

For example, if you have 108 forms, the basic service fee is ($5 x 100) + ($3 x 8) = $524

Optional print & mail service $3 per 1095-C form, including stamp, envelope and mailing to the recipient.

You can request us to print and mail Form 1095 to the recipient. We will process, print, and mail copies to all employees. For example, the cost to mail Form 1095-C to 108 employees will be $324.

  • E-mail us at support@eSmartPayroll.com
  • Call us at 408-935-8969
  • Fax us at 408-941-2022
  • Or, send postal mail to:

    C&S Technologies Inc.
    1095 Manager
    1879 Lundy Ave #266.
    San Jose, CA 95131
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How to use 1095Manager.com

How to use 1095manager.com

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