About 1095 Manager and C&S Technologies, Inc.

C&S Technologies, Inc., established in 1996, is an IRS authorized payroll software developer and e-file partner. The company was started by solving a simple need with an everyday software tool in eSMART forms, forms that look and print exactly the same as the government forms with the innovative features to compute taxes and transmit data to the IRS and States.

For the past 15 years, C&S has been providing simple tools for companies, large and small, to prepare, print, manage and file payroll returns, including 941, 1099, W-2 and other forms to the IRS and States. The 1095 Manager website is developed with a single focus to provide a convenient, simple, and efficient tool for companies to manage employees and file Form 1095-C to the IRS.




C&S Technologies, Inc. established to provide software & consulting services.


C&S invited by the IRS to present the innovative eSmartForms at IRS headquarter in DC.

eSmartForms that look & print like paper 1040s & Schedules and calculate taxes where needed.


C&S passed all tests & received the IRS approval for efile of 1040s and Schedules online.

Provided online filing services at www.eSmartTax.com

C&S was authorized to efile Form 941s, 1099s to the IRS and W2s to the SSA.


Released www.eSmartPayroll.com to provide payroll efile services.


Joined IRS Free File Alliance to provide free services for qualified 1040s filers.


Released www.SimplePayroll.com to provide online full-service payroll.


Liberty Tax Service acquired eSmartTax.com income tax online filing services.

Released www.PaycheckManager.com specifically for small businesses payroll management.


Released www.1099manager.com for large file upload, edit, print & efile of 1099 & corrections.


Released www.w2manager.com for large file upload, edit, print and efile of W2 and W2c.


Released www.eSmartPaycheck.com with full features and flexible functions & setups.


US Patent received from the patent office for the innovative PaycheckManagement system.

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How to use 1095Manager.com

How to use 1095manager.com

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